40 years into the war on clutter, and we’re still overwhelmed by stuff. What’s going on?

It’s hard to put a start date on America’s War on Clutter, but you could trace it to 1978, when the first Container Store opened in a 1,600-square-foot space in Dallas, or to 1985, when a few professional organizers from California saw gold in people’s junk and started a trade association that today counts about 3,400 members.

But despite an industry that’s grown so massive it’s become its own form of clutter — with books, and experts, and storage containers, and apps, and YouTube videos — we’ve made so little progress that even the professional organizers aren’t pretending the problem has been solved — or even that it’s solvable.

In Melrose, Kathy Vines, of Clever Girl Organizing, calls decluttering a “journey.” “There isn’t an end game,” she said.Read the entire article on The Boston Globe